Slow Release Fertilizer

A.M. Leonard stocks a huge variety of effective slow and control release fertilizers fit for a variety of uses. From greenhouses to container plants, there is no shortage of applications that can benefit from timed-release fertilization techniques. A slow-release fertilizer over several months or years results in labor savings, a greater yield, more stable nutrition for your plants, and ultimately a more consistent growth quality. It is the perfect choice for professional landscapers, gardeners, and nursery workers looking for an economical alternative to water-soluble fertilizers.
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We stock slow-release fertilizers from top brands in the industry like Scott, Florikan, and NutriPak, plus our own premium-quality Leonard-brand products. Our customers love our selection of Leonard slow-release fertilizers. These time-release tablets provide trees, shrubs, and other plants with much-need nutrients at release rates of 3 months, 12 months, or 24 months. They are ideal for horticultural professionals seeking effective tree fertilization solutions at a great value.

Another option is our top-selling Florikan 3-4 Month Nano-Prill Time-Release Fertilizer, an advanced, economical controlled-release fertilizer that features a prill count ten times greater than standard controlled-release fertilizers. This is a safe and efficient solution to getting the most out of your grow operations.

Whatever your line of work or industry, there's no excuse to miss out on money- and time-saving techniques. Trust A.M. Leonard to deliver superior slow and control release fertilizers at competitive prices that you just can't ignore.