Snow Rakes

When the snow starts to fall, it can really pile up on roofs, greenhouses, and more. It is in these instances that you will be thankful that you have a high-quality snow rake on hand. A.M. Leonard stocks the highest quality and most versatile snow rakes to help keep you and your crew safe this winter.
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Our snow rake selection includes the extremely high-quality Ames Poly Snow Rake. This snow rake is equipped with a 22-inch-wide rake on the end of a full 16-foot handle. There is very little that this snow rake cannot reach! If you do find yourself needing more length, check out the SRAK extension handle. It transforms the SRAK into a full 66-inch snow rake!

At A.M. Leonard we are dedicated to keeping you and your crew safe and productive all season long. From snow rakes to all other snow removal equipment, we have you covered!