Soilless Mix

For professional landscapers, gardeners, greenhouse operators, and nursery workers, high-quality, nutrient-rich soilless mixes are essential. An effective growing medium supports nutrient uptake and root growth and is free of diseases, weed seeds, and toxins. At A.M. Leonard, we offer a great selection of nutrient cubes and growing mixes from some of the top manufacturers in the industry.
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Our top-selling Wonder Soil Expanding Nutrient Cube is a great option for those looking for an efficient and nutritious soilless mix. Once hydrated, the cube will expand in minutes -- up to 7 times its volume! One cube produces 2.5 cubic feet of Wonder Soil. Great for use in the ground, pots, or containers, this innovative product reduces water usage, will feed nutrients for up to 6 months, and can even help you save storage space. Your plants will enjoy a well-balanced blend of ingredients like humus, polymers, worm castings, and mycorrhizae without the use of weed seeds, fungus, or gnats.

A.M. Leonard has partnered with Garick to offer our customers a fantastic variety of nursery performance blends. These soilless mixes contain composted hardwood bark, sand, lime, pine bark fines, wetting agent, and much more. Usable in all seasons, Garick growing mixes promote healthy plant growth, great aeration, and are perfect for use with bare root and ornamental nursery stock.

When it comes to soilless mixes and nursery supplies, trust A.M. Leonard to provide the best selection and value. Check out our inventory today!