So much of landscaping, gardening, and nursery work is simply digging. That's why at A.M Leonard, we know that you can never have too many quality garden spades. Our selection of digging tools includes a variety of styles so that you can choose the best shovels, garden tools, or garden spades for the job.

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  1. Radius Root Slayer Perennial Shovel
    Radius Root Slayer Perennial Shovel
  2. Image 0 of the Leonard Full Strap Diamond Point Spade with D Grip Handle
    Full-Strap Diamond-Point Spade With D-Grip Handle by A.M. Leonard
  3. King of Spades Square Point Shovels
    King of Spades Square Point Shovels
  4. Image 1 of the King Of Spades Nursery Spade All Steel Diamond Point With 54In Handle
    Nursery Spade, All-Steel, Diamond-Point with 54in Handle by King of Spades
  5. Image 1 of the WW Mfg. Square Point Shovel with Long Handle
    WW Mfg. Square Point Shovel with Long Handle
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Before tackling a difficult landscaping project, you’ll want to make sure that you’re well equipped with quality digging tools. Nursery and garden spades are excellent at quickly digging deep planting holes. We carry high quality, professional Leonard brand and King of Spades steel nursery spades with your choice of a diamond point or a flat edged blade. Both D-grip and straight handled nursery spades are available. Some models feature a shock absorbing grip for comfort. Foot pads are available separately.

With a narrow, cupped blade and a closed back, a garden spade is a good choice for clearing dirt away when preparing planting beds. We have garden spades in your choice of straight or D-grip handles to match your preference and with either flat edged or serrated blades to meet your needs.

If roots are in the way, a balling spade is needed. Our models feature both straight and serrated blade edges to easily slice through roots. For obstacles in your way that need more reinforcements to be cleared, browse our selection of striking tools.

We also carry English digging and transplanting spades for transplanting plants or digging post holes. A narrow-bladed drain spade is a good choice for digging narrow trenches. Drain spades are also a good choice to clean out a previously dug ditch or wider trench. We carry quality Razorback and Ames brand drain spades in your choice of D-grip or straight handles.

A.M. Leonard is the professional's choice for high quality nursery, garden and landscaping tools. Whether you are looking for a garden spade, nursery spade, or landscaping tool, we've got you covered! And for tasks that require more scooping and lifting of large amounts of soil, browse our selection of scoops and shovels to find the right tool for your job.