When it comes time for an application of fertilizer, seeds, salt, ice melt or any other granular product, trust A.M. Leonard to provide you with the highest-quality fertilizer spreaders, seed spreaders and lawn spreaders. We stock industry-leading brands like Earthway, Gandy, SnowEx, Solo, Warren, Spyker, plus our premium Leonard products - many of which are backed with our exclusive Leonard Lifetime Warranty. Shop below and check out our larger selection of lawn sprayers and spreaders!
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Our fertilizer spreaders are built to perform, offering professional landscapers and gardeners uniform coverage, a sturdy frame, and smooth, effortless operation. Whatever your spreading needs, here you'll find the equipment you can't do without.

Whether you're looking to spot-fertilize your lawn with a hand spreader, or take on a larger project with a drop spreader, pull behind spreader, or broadcast spreader, our selection has you covered. Our best-selling and top-rated Leonard 70-pound Broadcast Spreader is a great option, featuring a strong frame, large tires with excellent traction, and our A.M. Leonard lifetime warranty. For controlled smaller scale spreading, try Earthway's Hand Crank Spreader. It comes with comfortable shoulder straps and a large 40-pound hopper. For larger areas, try Gandy's 120-pound tow-behind spreader. A.M. Leonard is a company you can trust to anticipate your needs and provide the equipment that will get the job done right and last a lifetime.

What type of spreader is the best?

Generally, Broadcast spreaders are thought of as the best because it is the most efficient way to put seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides down. The swath of product and walking rate is generally higher than other spreaders. Drop Spreaders are often considered a more accurate way of putting a substance on a crop if you want grass seed placed on a defined space in the yard at a specific rate

What is a drop spreader?

The spreader will drop products such as powdered fertilizer directly on the ground accurately and precisely.