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Keep your crew safe, comfortable, and easily seen while out on the job with A.M. Leonard's line of high visibility work T-shirts and sweatshirts. We offer high-quality, well-made work clothing that is built to last through long hours and harsh conditions. Say goodbye to uncomfortable work vests and hello to a premium, lightweight alternative.
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    High Visibility Sweatshirt, Large
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    High Visibility Sweatshirt, 3X-Large
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Our popular high-visibility T-shirt is a great choice for workers who need to stay cool through the summer months. And with its bright color and reflective striping, you can rest assured you will be seen and safe day or night. If you are looking for a bit more versatility and warmth, we also offer long-sleeve models.

As winter approaches, ensure you and your crew are prepared with our high-visibility sweatshirts. Like our work T-shirts, these are built to keep you secure and comfortable on the job. Our sweatshirts feature hoods, ribbed cuffs and waistlines, and a durable zipper -- it is the perfect layer for all types of professionals.

Whether you're an arborist looking to stay protected in the trees or a construction worker working in the dim morning hours, superior-quality work clothing can make all the difference. Browse A.M. Leonard's selection of high-visibility T-shirts and sweatshirts today and be sure you're ready for whatever comes your way.