Tree Climbing Harness

Arborists make their living in the trees. High in the air, trying to saw and prune branches or repair a wound to a tree, falling is a very real possibility. No matter how high the tree you are trying to prune, A.M. Leonard has the right tree climbing harness, climbing safety belt, or tree climbing saddle to help keep you safe.
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Tree climbing requires specialized equipment. Unlike rock climbing harnesses, which are generally only used to catch your weight if you fall, tree climbing harnesses and tree climbing saddles are designed to support to weight since your arms will be busy working.

Tree climbing saddles help protect the worker from falling. Some are basically a climbing belt, while other models also support the worker's legs while they work. We have a variety of sizes of tree climbing harnesses in different styles to make sure anyone who needs to work in a tree on ropes can find comfortable safety equipment.

Tree climbing harnesses provide protection from falling by not only attaching to a worker's waist and legs, but their shoulders as well. This full-body style allows tree climbing harnesses to be worn when a worker is using a lift. We carry models with multiple equipment loops and retainers to keep the needed tools right where they can easily be reached. This cuts down on the amount of time a worker needs to spend up in the tree. Some of our trees climbing harnesses are designed to reduce pressure points to provide increased comfort during longer suspensions.