Yard & Garden Rakes

Whether you are a landscape professional, groundskeeper or a garden hobbyist, A.M. Leonard has the best rakes for the job. With a huge selection of lawn rakes, yard rakes, garden rakes, leaf rakes, and bow rakes, we've got the quality tools to help you work more efficiently and with great results. Check out our garden and landscaping tools today!

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  1. Image 1 of the Razor Back 16 Tine Forged Road Rake
    Razor-Back® 16-Tine Forged Road Rake
  2. Image 0 of the Clog-Free Poly Leaf Rake
    Clog-Free Poly Leaf Rake
  3. Image 1 of the Ames Poly Lawn Rake 8in Head 15 Tines
    Ames Poly Lawn Rake 8in Head 15 Tines
  4. Image 0 of the Rake Assassin Rake Shovel Combo Tool
    Rake Assassin Rake/Shovel Combo Tool
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If clearing leaves, grass, and lighter materials is on your chore list, make sure to have our leaf rakes on hand. In a variety of sizes and lengths, these multiple-use rakes are light enough to maneuver easily around trees and shrubs, while tough enough to use for spreading mulch. Our selection includes wood, fiberglass, or composite handles and come in an assortment of head widths. For lawn grooming, we also supply sturdy thatching rakes.

For tougher jobs, A.M. Leonard carries bow rakes and straight head rakes, perfect for moving and spreading dirt, gravel, mulch, sand, and more. For jobs around the stables and farms, we carry an assortment of spading forks, manure forks, muck forks and more. Adding our sturdy forks to your tool shed ensures you can meet any challenge.

Maintaining yards, gardens, farms and more can be hard work, so be sure you are prepared with A.M. Leonard's quality lawn and garden tools. Well-crafted, time-tested rakes and garden forks can go a long way toward easing your workload and increasing your efficiency on the job. And once you’re done, our push brooms and cleanup tools make it easy to clear away clutter and debris, leaving your garden ready to be enjoyed.