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Cal-Tec9% 6-0-0

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Cal-Tec9% 6-0-0

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Provides plants with beneficial calcium!

Grow Products Cal-Tec‚ 9% 6-0-0 is a fully chelated micronutrient used to correct calcium deficiency in field crops, fruit trees, and greenhouse crops. This convenient, clear liquid provides calcium in a soluble, readily available form for rapid plant update. Use this product for foliar spray or soil applications

Calcium can correct minor deficiencies. You can also use it in a regular growing program where crops and soils deficient of calcium. In order to ensure proper crop yield, it is important to treat calcium deficiency before the symptoms become observable.

Other benefits of calcium include:
  • influencing the uptake of other nutrients
  • promoting early root formation and growth
  • encouraging grain and seed production
  • improving plant vigor and fruit integrity
  • controlling cork spot and bitter pit on apples and pears
Rates of Calcium will vary depending upon the severity of the deficiency, climate, soil conditions, and method of application. Soil analysis can determine pH and available calcium. Cal-Tec‚ is compatible and you can use it with most fertilizers and technical materials.

This is a 2-1/2 gallon container.

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