Cantech Tape

Since 1950, Cantech has been a leading manufacturer of industrial-grade tape. Here at A.M. Leonard, we are proud to offer professional landscapers, gardeners, and contactors with versatile, superior-quality Cantech tape for all types of jobs. Whether you're repairing a greenhouse or looking for an all-purpose tape for the storehouse, Cantech tape from A.M. Leonard is a great place to start.

Cantech's FlexPro Silver Flexible Duct Tape is a great option for those looking for strong holding power and long-lasting resistance to moisture, mold, smoke generation, and much more. Perfect for a wide variety of applications, like air ducts and connections, this flexible tape is designed for the rigorous work of professionals.

If you're looking to make repairs to a greenhouse, Cantech's AgriPro White Polyethylene Tape is what you need. This UV-resistant poly film tape is made with very thick film that has several applications and uses, from protection and storage to packaging and sealing.

With Cantech tape, you can expect premium quality and superior results every time. Whatever your needs, be sure to choose tape that is designed with durable, strong holding power that will stand up to tough work. Check out A.M. Leonard's selection of Cantech tape today and stick to the best for your next job or project.