RootMaker Pots

A.M. Leonard offers a variety of propagation products from RootMaker, an industry leader in root pruning container systems. These innovative trays and containers help create fibrous non-circling root systems, which promote growth and nutrient absorption while preparing plants for transplanting. RootMaker is the original system that industry professionals use and trust.

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Viewing 1 - 2   2 Items

The best place to start is with RootMaker's propagation trays, which are available in cases of 25. These trays are well-built, durable, and don't require a separate tray to hold them. We also stock larger 1-, 3-, and 5-gallon injection-molded containers by the bundle. For smaller plants, checkout the RootMaker Express, which are available in 288-count cases.

No matter the size, RootMaker root pruning container systems are a great choice for landscapers, greenhouse operators, and nursery workers looking to promote plant health and prep their stock for transplanting.

If you're looking to create strong root systems without the use of toxic chemicals, RootMaker is just what you need. Check out A.M. Leonard's RootMaker containers today and find the right size and fit for your grow operation.