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Squash is an incredibly diverse fruit that can be enjoyed nearly year-round. A staple of fall and winter recipes, squash can be made into a lovely soup or pasta, and is loaded with vitamin A. At A.M. Leonard, our variety of winter and summer squash seeds are all you need to make sure you can reap the health benefits of this delicious fruit.

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Summer vs. Winter squash: What’s the difference?

Although they share a name, summer squash and winter squash are two very different fruits. Winter squash are slow growers, harvested from late summer through fall, with a thick rind that allows them to be stored through the winter. Summer squash grow quickly and produce a soft, more delicate fruit, with less shelf life.


How long does it take for squash to grow from seed?

Growth time for squash varies depending on the seed type. For summer squash seeds, it takes about 40-50 days to produce first fruits. For winter squash, it takes a bit longer, around 80–110 days. Both seeds should be planted immediately following the last frost of spring, and the season of each can be extended by harvesting frequently, tricking the plant into producing new fruits.

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