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Close Encounters Wasp Spray

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Close Encounters Wasp Spray

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Major wasp protection in a small package!

Close Encounters clip on wasp spray is designed with a secure belt or pocket clip that allows anyone working or relaxing outdoors to be prepared for an encounter of the worst kind. We have all been faced with the situation where we have disturbed wasps during our outdoor activities and are confronted by the angry mob. Usually you will sustain some stings before retreating to safety. Having Close Encounters handy, however, can turn this from being a potentially painful confrontation into a controlled, safe operation.

Close Encounters comes in an easy to use 5 oz. can that won't drag on your pants, or tear your pocket out. When clipped on it is no heavier than any other item on your tool belt. Commercial wasp sprays available at the store are too large to comfortably drag around all day, and they have no easy mechanism for personal storage. Close Encounters is the perfect answer to this problem.

Close Encounters is ideal for utility workers, lawn and landscape workers, remodelers and construction crews, pest control technicians, painters, handymen, roofers, or home owners clearing brush, mowing or just generally enjoying life around their home.

Close Encounters kills Wasps, Yellow Jackets and Hornets on contact and provides residual kill to these insects returning to the treated nest. It can reach nests up to 20 feet above ground with a strong concentrated stream of liquid. Close Encounters can be used both indoors (in attics or crawl spaces and storage areas where nests can be built) and outdoors for individual wasps or wasp nests.

The patented belt clip is secured to the can and will not easily detach, ensuring your comfort knowing that it will be there, ready to use, when you need it. Keep your family and your employees safe. Supply them the tool to defend themselves when outside on the job.

Product Information

Product Features
  • Kills Wasps on contact
  • 5 oz size for all day carry along
  • Conveniently clips on to tool belt or pocket
  • 15 foot to 20 foot spray range
  • Ideal for use on wasps, hornets and yellow jackets
  • Effective against individual insects and for residual nest kill
  • ACTIVE INGREDIENT(S): SUMITHRIN® (d-Phenothrin); Tetramethrin (NEO-PYNAMIN®)
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