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Cobra Tree Bracing System


Cobra bracing is a complete cabling concept that incorporates a shock-absorbing system!

The unique patented system is entirely external, all synthetic, and easy to use; you need only to know a simple rope splice technique. This system can be crafted on site. Cables feature a wide insert that spreads upon contact with the tree reducing pressure.

Expansion inserts rest around the limb to broaden the support. Anti-friction sleeves eliminate abrasion and shock absorbers allow for free movement, reducing the possibility of the "karate chop" effect during high winds. The "growth loop" allows for tree growth without girdling and can be inspected from the ground. No drilling is required, for healthier wood.

Choose the system you need below:
  • The Mini System: is for fruit trees; training young trees for dominant leaders and proper form; and guying small trees.
  • The Standard System: is best used to avoid failure of weak branch unions; to avoid excess movement; to maintain structural integrity of trees; to secure large horizontal branches prone to heavy loading; and for guying large transplants.
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