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The natural alternative to weed control!

Weeding pots is a time consuming, expensive and back-breaking task. The TE Weed Prevention COCODISK can prevent weed growth (including liverwort) in your containers. Air still circulates, allowing roots to breath and will not attract or trap heat like plastic disks. CocoDisks are 100 natural, biodegradeable. No more weeding or spraying expensive/dangerous herbicides around your containers. Also improves water conservation. Minimum order is 1 case.
Item # Carton Weight Diameter Qty Per Case Stock Status 1 – 3 4 + Qty
CD17 23 lbs 17 cm (6.7 in) 344 In Stock $62.99 $56.99
CD21 33 lbs 21 cm (8.25 in) 344 In Stock $78.99 $73.99
CD27 50 lbs 27 cm (10.6 in) 344 In Stock $124.99 $116.99
CD29 31 lbs 29 cm (11.4 in) 172 In Stock $72.99 $67.99
CD35 26 lbs 35 cm (13.75 in) 86 In Stock $47.99 $44.99
CD37 23 lbs 37 cm (14.5 in) 86 In Stock $54.99 $49.99
CD38 26 lbs 38 cm (15 in) 86 In Stock $57.99 $54.99
CD44 39 lbs 44 cm (17.3 in) 86 In Stock $74.99 $69.99
CD50 47 lbs 50 cm (19.7 in) 86 Out of Stock
Please call for availability
$97.99 $92.99
CD60 59 lbs 60 cm (23.6 in) 86 In Stock $138.99 $129.99

Review Summary (Based on 7 Reviews)

4 Stars

Untitled Customer from IL wrote July 28, 2017

The product was what I expected. the box that they were shipped in was flimsy and FedEx had to tape it together and basically rebuild it. All product was there and none lost.

5 Stars

Great product AO from FL wrote November 30, 2016

Excellent quality and durability, weeds beware!

5 Stars

CocoDisks AMBER from MO wrote November 22, 2016

Exactly what I was looking for. CocoDisks are better than I expected. They will work great for all of my needs. The discs are very high quality.

3 Stars

coco disc Retail nursery grower and Christmas tree farm from FL wrote September 27, 2011

The coco disc is a really good idea, but they must fit perfectly around the plant and in the pot. Weeds will grow around the edges and still some of them grow through the disc. It slows the growth down, but does not stop them.

4 Stars

Firetrail Nursery from WA wrote September 26, 2011

These disks work great. Rather than weeding a crop 2-3 times it just takes once to put the fibers on. The slit allows for off center or multi stem plants in pots. They also don't blow off in the wind and allow air and water through better than the synthetic discs.

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