Companion® Liquid Biological Fungicide 2-3-2

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A fungicide that also promotes plant health and growth!

Growth Products Companion® Liquid Biological Fungicide acts as a broad-spectrum fungicide. This product contains the active ingredient Bacillus Subtilis GB03. This bacterium combats disease pathogens in multiple ways.

Companion® Biological Fungicide prevents, controls, and suppresses soilborne and foliar diseases on all agricultural crops. Use Companion® on all your outdoor field-grown crops including vegetables, herbs, small fruit plants, berry bushes, and fruit/nut trees. It also works in greenhouse plug production and hydroponics operations. Combine or rotate Companion® with chemical fungicides for enhanced disease protection.

The GB03 isolate in Companion® Liquid Biological Fungicide also acts as a Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacterium (PGPR) and bio-stimulant. This bacterium quickly establishes beneficial colonies on your plants roots and leaves. This establishment stimulates healthier roots, accelerates plant growth, and activates the natural defense systems of the plant. Companion® has an unsurpassed safety level for a commercial fungicide. It has a low 0-4 hours REI for workers, causes no harm to beneficial insects, and causes zero phytotoxicity in crops.

Mix rates
  • Greenhouse and foliar spray — 16 fluid ounces per 100 gallons.
  • Cuttings dip — 1 to 2 ounces per gallon
  • Hydroponics — 4 fluid ounces per gallon of water
Choose from a 1-gallon or 2-1/2-gallon size below. Also available in a wettable powder.
Item # Size Stock Status 1 – 1 2 + Qty
GP80110 1 Gallon In Stock $125.99 $123.99
GP70320 2-1/2 Gallons In Stock $302.99 $298.99


  • Active ingredient: Bacillus Subtilis GB03 (0.03%)
  • Analysis: Nitrogen (2%), phosphorus (3%), potassium (2%), calcium (trace), magnesium (trace)
  • Volume (gallons): Varies

Product Features

  • Broad-spectrum fungicide
  • Prevents and controls soilborne and foliar diseases
  • Activates quickly
  • Non-toxic to people, insects, or other plants

Product Benefits

  • Helps prevent botrytis cinereal, powdery mildew, fusarium, pythium, rhizoctonia, xanthomonas, and other diseases
  • Compatible with most high-quality fertilizers, micronutrients, organic materials, and wetting agents
  • Stimulates healthier roots and accelerates plant growth
  • Improves nutrient uptake
  • Activates plants natural defense systems

Review Summary (Based on 1 Reviews)

5 Stars

Great Product! Great Internet Store Brian K Staring from NY wrote April 24, 2017

Companion products are great products and used world wide. Hundred of Giant Pumpkin growers like myself use this great products and have excellent results from it. Great deal for the price and a great product

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