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Conserve SC Specialty Insecticide, 1 Quart Concentrate

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Combines the efficiency of synthetics with the benefits of biological pest control!

Whether you are looking to control tough spider mites and thrips, or hunting a highly effective cutworm, armyworm, of sod webworm control - Conserve will work for you! The active ingredient, Spinosad, is derived from fermentation of a naturally occurring organism. Both ingestion and contact exposure make this highly active at very low use rates on leafminers, thrips, bagworms, Eastern tent caterpillars, fall webworms and other lepidopterous pests. Take care if applying in a greenhouse containing parasitic wasps: Conserve is also highly active on insects in the Hymnenoptera family. Registered by the EPA, with a four hour WPS re-entry interval. Research shows no phytotoxicity on ornamentals. Applications generally range from .06 to .2 oz per gallon. Complete control is generally expected in one to three days, for up to two weeks. Low odor.

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Product Specs
  • Liquid concentrate, one quart container. Active ingredient: spinasad 11.6% Inert ingredients: 88.4%.
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  • Manufacturer warrants product to conform to the chemical description on the label, and is fit for the purpose stated when used in accordance with the directions. See label for complete disclaimer.
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