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Corn Seeds

At A.M. Leonard, our wide variety of high-quality corn seeds make it easy to turn your garden into a tasty, thriving corn yield. We carry more than a dozen different kinds of corn seeds, including popular sweet corn varieties such as Bodacious, SuperSweet Obsession, and more. For more high-quality seeds, check out our tomato seeds, root crop seeds, and the rest of our vegetable seeds.

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12   13 Items

What types of corn are there?

Corn varieties fall under three buckets: dent corn, flint corn, and sweet corn.

  • Dent corn is the most widely grown corn in the U.S., and is used primarily for feeding livestock. It's got a mix of hard and soft starches that dent when it's dried, hence the name.
  • Flint corn, or Indian corn, comes in many colors, and is grown mostly in Central and South America.
  • Sweet corn is what you eat for dinner — it's almost all soft starches, and has the highest sugar content of all corn types.

Can you pop regular corn seeds?

Short answer: no. Popcorn's a type of flint corn, but it's engineered to have a hard-exterior shell and a soft starchy center, so the heat turns the moisture inside the kernel to steam and it explodes. Other types of corn kernels might work a bit, but not as well as popcorn.