Corrugated LDPE Tree Guard Bundles

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Tough on protection, easy on the wallet!

These Corrugated Tree Guards feature an LDPE construction. This material makes them more pliable than other tree guards.

The first few years of growth are vital to young trees. Use these guards to protect your saplings from animals, weather, and equipment during this critical time.

Our Corrugated Tree Guards last up to 5 years. The LDPE material is softer than other types of plastic, so it will not scratch tender bark. The UV-treated guards resist both sun and water. This resistance enables them to withstand rain and watering without deterioration.

Sold in bundles. Choose your desired diameter and length below.
Item # Bundle Count Diameter Height Stock Status 1 – 5 6 + Qty
NP224 3 Guards 2 Inches 2 Feet In Stock $3.09 $2.57
NP236 3 Guards 2 Inches 3 Feet In Stock $5.09 $4.07
NP248 10 Guards 2 Inches 4 Feet In Stock $19.29 $17.26
NP324 2 Guards 3 Inches 2 Feet In Stock $3.09 $2.57
NP336 2 Guards 3 Inches 3 Feet In Stock $5.09 $4.58
NP348 10 Guards 3 Inches 4 Feet In Stock $30.49 $26.42


  • Material: Low-density polyethylene
  • Diameter (inches): Varies
  • Length (feet): Varies
  • Bundle count: Varies

Product Features

  • Corrugated LDPE tree guards
  • UV-treated and weather resistant
  • Sold in bundles

Product Benefits

  • Protect your young trees from deer, rodents, and equipment damage
  • Prevent sun scalding
  • Softer LDPE material will not scratch bark
  • Last up to 5 years when left on the tree

Review Summary (Based on 25 Reviews)

1 Star

Rots the the tree wrote

Beware I found after 2-3 years trapped moisture rotted my 8-10 foot maple trees. Snapped right where the tree tube ends on three trees all a few months apart.

1 Star


Buyer Beware: Notified AM Leo about the discrepancy of the advertised length of these guards being shorter in length. This was some of an issue for us as we were cutting them for sapping protection hoping to get three guards of 16" each, uh no! Customer Service was not overly concerned

5 Stars

tree guard wrote

It was exactly what I wanted and A.M. Leonard had the cheapest price. Now the rabbits can't kill my young trees this winter.

5 Stars

As described wrote

Saved some money on this order. Cheaper delivered than at the local nursery.

5 Stars

Corrugated Tree Guard wrote

I have been planning a project since April when I purchased some Dustan Chestnuts to plant for feeding deer. Being that the trees were very small, I needed protection from rabbits and mice around the base of each tree. I planted last week and used the Tree Guards on each one. They were easy to trim for shorter lengths and a great addition to allowing my project to succeed!

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