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Cucumbers are one of the most versatile vegetables around. Whether you’re dicing them up for a salad, pickling them in brine, or adding a bit of flavor to your water, they’re an easy way to add some color and a crunch to your meals. Beyond that, cucumbers are dense in nutrients rich in the antioxidants your body needs to thrive. At A.M. Leonard, our diverse selection of quality cucumber seeds is sure to have something you and your backyard will love.
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Viewing 1 - 12   12 Items

When should I plant my cucumbers?

We recommend planting your cucumber seeds 2 weeks before final frost at the absolute earliest. However, if you have a heated greenhouse you can sow them earlier, around March. You can find the final frost date in your area using The Old Farmer's Almanac's frost date calculator.

How much sun do cucumbers need?

Cucumbers should be placed in areas that get full sun. Cucumbers need warmth, lots of light, and fertile soil to thrive.

Vining cucumbers vs. bush cucumbers: What’s the difference?

Cucumbers are split into two camps: ones that grow on a vine and ones that grow on a bush. Vining cucumbers are fast growers with an abundant crop yield. They’ll need a trellis, but they’re easier to pick — not to mention cleaner, since they don’t grow atop the soil. Bush cucumbers are smaller, and better for containers and small gardens.

Cucumbers will grow quickly, so long as you give them enough sun and water them often. You can trust us when we say that cucumbers never taste as good as when you grow them in your own backyard. For more high-quality seeds to round out your dream garden, check out our check out our squash seedspumpkin and gourd seeds, and the rest of our vegetables seeds.