CX Horticulture Head Masta 1 2 2


Transforms your crop into a high-yielding, high-quality super crop!

CX Horticulture?s Head Masta contains a blend of vitamins and minerals. This blend pushes your plants? natural factors beyond normal levels. Choose your desired container size below. Head Masta stimulates the hormones responsible for flower formation. These factors encourage the plant to create more flowering sites. An increase of silicon causes the plant to produce larger flowers. Head Masta also prompts the plant to convert excess light and nutrients. It turns this excess into high-quality proteins, amino acids, and carbohydrates. Lastly, it increases a plant?s thirst for potassium, increasing its intake of this valuable element. CX Horticulture developed Head Masta to increase both the yield and quality of your crops. Using this product in your growing system improves both the flavor and aromatic of your end-product. This unique formula also increases your plants? oil and resin production and improves their visual appeal. For maximum efficiency, combine this product with CX Horticulture?s Mighty Bloom Enhancer. This potent combination will give you dense, high-quality flowers cycle after cycle!
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