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Deer Deterrent

Quick Guide: 7 Easy Steps to Determine the Deer Fencing You Need

Sure they're cute and gentle, but landscapers and gardeners know that deer are nothing but trouble for flowers, trees, vegetable plants, and shrubs. Protect your property with A.M. Leonard's line of effective deer deterrent and deer control products. From fencing to repellent sprays, here you'll find exactly what you need to keep deer away for good.

12   24 Items
12   24 Items

Our best-selling fences from Tenax are durable, lightweight, and nearly invisible once installed. They are a great alternative to wired and electric fences, and are ideal for gardeners and property owners seeking superior protection without bulky, ugly barriers. Tenax deer fencing is available in various sizes and mesh strengths so you can find the perfect fit for your yard or garden.

For a more convenient alternative to fencing, check out our selection of deer deterrent sprays. Liquid Fence's spray is a long-lasting repellent that will help protect your flower beds, newly planted trees, and more. We also stock a concentrated version of Messina Wildlife's Deer Stopper spray, which avoids any unpleasant smell and effectively stops deer damage for up to a month on a single spray.

If you're tired of waking up to damaged plants and trees, rely on A.M. Leonard for quality deer deterrent and deer control products that will get the job done and protect your property.