Deer & Rabbit Repellent Garlic Clips, Blue & White, Pack of 50

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Repel rabbits and deer without harming them!

Are animals bothering your plants? Keep them away with the power of garlic!

Luster Leaf developed their unique deer and rabbit repellent using the sulfur compounds in garlic. These sulfur compounds drive animals away from valuable crops or prized garden plants.

Once you activate the safe, 100% organic formula, the repelling odor lasts 6-8 months. Large growers prefer the bright blue and white dispensers, as they are easy to see to track and monitor.

This product is very easy to use! Simply break the seal with the enclosed metal tool and clip sideways onto plants or fences. Use one dispenser every 4 to 6 feet. Sideways placement prevents water from blocking the garlic odor. The plastic dispenser body eventually biodegrades.

This is a package of 50 dispensers.

Product Benefits

  • Effective - Repelling effect of the sulfur compounds of garlic have been documented.
  • Easy to use - Break barrier to release garlic odor. Clip onto plants and fences.
  • Safe - 100% organic formula, plastic body biodegrades.
  • Long shelf life - If barrier is not broken, shelf life is 1+ years.
  • Convenient - Blue and White color allows easy visibility.

Review Summary (Based on 1 Reviews)

4 Stars

Works very well, however from WY wrote September 05, 2018

If they are warm, sometimes breaking seal is difficult. Mashes more than breaks.

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