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Dip N Grow Rooting Concentrate


Up to 60% more success for rooting plants compared to powders! Plus, it's easier to use!

Increase rooting success up to 60% compared to powders. Dip N Grow is a liquid rooting hormone with IBA and NAA, for successful rooting of all types of cuttings, from succulents to hardwoods.

Because it is a liquid concentrate, Dip N Grow is absorbed more evenly and easily, roots are more massive and healthier, and ready for long term growth.

For best results, once diluted, use within 10 hours. For hardwoods, dilute by 5 times; for semi-hardwoods, dilute by 10 times; for softwoods or succulents, you can use a weaker solution and dilute by 20 times. Dip the basal end (bottom) of the cutting about 1 inch into the diluted Dip N Grow for 3-5 seconds. Then place the cutting into the planting medium. See the instructions link below for even more helpful information!
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