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Dosmatic MiniDos® and SuperDos® Injectors, 2.5% Models

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Dosmatic MiniDos® and SuperDos® Injectors, 2.5% Models

These non-electric, fluid-driven proportional injectors have the highest standard operating pressures in the industry!

Here's how they work: Installed directly in the fluid supply line, the injector operates without electricity, using fluid pressure as the power source. The fluid drives the injector, which pulls the required percentage of concentrate directly from your chemical solution container.

Inside the Dosmatic patented mixing chamber, the concentrate is mixed with the fluid and then the fluid pressure forces the mixed solution downstream. Like a hose end sprayer, the amount of concentrate will be directly proportional to the volume of fluid entering the injector, regardless of variations in flow or pressure.

Use for: chlorination, cleaning, cutting fluids, descaling, decontamination, degreasing, disinfecting, dispersants, fertigation, hydroponics, inhibitors, lubrication, medication, misting systems, odor control, pesticides, pH/tH correction, rinsing, sanitizing, soaps and foams, surfactants, weed control.

Choose the flow rate, operating pressure and pipe coupling you need below!
Item # Model Flow Rate Operating Pressure Pipe Coupling Stock Status 1 – 9 10 + Qty
112602 MiniDos 12 0.03 - 12 gpm 6 - 140 psi .75-inch NPT Out of Stock
Please call for availability
$485.69 $477.04
113212 5 - 100 psi SuperDos 45 1.25-inch NPT 0.50 - 45 gpm Ships Direct
question This item ships directly from our vendor. Please allow additional time for order processing and delivery. For additional details, please contact our customer service department.
$906.99 $903.62
113209 5 - 100 psi SuperDos 30 1-inch NPT 0.15 - 30 gpm Out of Stock
Please call for availability
$675.19 $664.83

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3 Stars

Mix rate and pressure wrote

do not run this pump over 100 psi, it will be damaged, I reccomend a pressure reducer if using mill pressure. Also the pump will only get to 60:1 or 80:1 even it is fully open mix rate max 2.5% (40:1). Reccomend the larger 5% pump if you need adjustment toward the upper % side.

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