Duckbill Anchors

If you're looking for superior tree anchoring technology, A.M. Leonard's selection of Duckbill anchors and rods is a great place to start. Duckbill is a worldwide leader in earth anchoring equipment and for several decades has earned the trust of professionals throughout the horticultural industry.

Viewing 1 - 3   3 Items
Viewing 1 - 3   3 Items

Duckbill's patented time- and labor-saving anchor is a lightweight and economical solution for a wide variety of anchoring applications, including tree support, turf anchoring, and theft prevention. Simply drive it into the soil and lock it into position -- there's no need to dig! With Duckbill's unmatched strength and holding capacity, there's really no competition.

Our customers rave about the Duckbill anchor's easy installation, rugged durability, and reasonable price. A.M. Leonard offers a convenient Duckbill Earth Anchor Kit that includes three anchors, guying cable, guying hoses, and cable clamps. It's a great option for professionals looking to tackle an upcoming anchoring project.

For the best in anchoring equipment, look no further than A.M. Leonard's selection of Duckbill products. From kits to drive rods, here you'll find everything you need to keep your trees and turf secure. Check out our inventory today.