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DuraLine Monofilament Trellis Line


Trellis made Easier!

DuraLine is the preferred trellis support line for vines, berries, and flowering plants. DuraLine is a UV-protected solid core polymer providing decades of performance with the same break strength as wire, yet offers several unique advantages that wire does not.

Installation is easy, tension by hand, and never requires re-tensioning. It is safe against lighting and will not transfer heat or cold to your plants. This line is impervious to pesticides, fungus, and fertilizers. It will never rust, rot, or corrode. It works with any type of post system. Available in different diameters and tensile strengths.


Product Information

Product Features
  • Monofilament support line
  • Solid core
  • Highest quality polyamides available
  • UV and weather-resistant
  • Made in the USA!
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