Edit Email Subscription

Your input fields for the subscriber to view should be named in parallel to the field numbers in your mailing list database. So, if the 3rd merge field in your mailing list is the home address of the subscriber, then the HTML to use would be like this:

Your Home Address:

(Notice how we use #field3# ? That tells our software to merge the data that is in field3 of your mailing list into the variable. It's quite simple as long as you make sure the field numbers you have in your EDITING template match the data you have in your mailing list database.

NOTE: The special use of "field0" is for the subscribers e-mail address. If you are going to ask the subscriber to edit their e-mail address be sure you use the variable called "field0" to collect the e-mail address. Example:

Your e-mail address:

The final field on the template should be the SUBMIT button. This can be anything you wish and here is an example: