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Gardening & Landscaping Tools Insider Pick
Leonard Poly Scoop Shovel

Made to Last: Holds up under extreme weather which means versatility of seasonal use; use it all year!.

Not Just for Snow: Non-stick surface is great for any application, from snow removal to scooping grain.

What Our Experts Say…
"Use this for shoveling snow as well as later in the year for scooping mulch and even gravel. This multi-use poly scoop won’t scratch wood decks, stone pavers, or truck beds. Because of the poly composition, I can use this on my walkway pavers or my concrete driveway. Plus, it’s virtually indestructible. Take a look at our video when we ran over it in the winter. You won’t find a better scoop for multiple seasons. Paired with the Lifetime Warranty against defects, this shovel is made for any tough job.”

-Joe Goldyn, Gardening & Landscaping Tools Insider

Safety Equipment Insider Pick
New! Akillis Self-Adjusting Knee Pads
No Sweat: Reduces sweating and the resulting odor experienced with standard stationary knee pads.

Comfortable to Wear: No more binding, pinching and chafing behind your knees.
What Our Experts Say…
"Akillis has designed a new style of self-adjusting knee pads to solve the binding and sweating normally experienced with strap-behind-the-knee pads. This one loops under the arch of your foot inside your shoe, and clips to your belt or waist band of your pants. Once adjusted, they never need to be adjusted again, no matter what you are wearing: shorts, jeans, insulated coveralls, they still fit! Totally stops the discomfort and chafing behind your knee of standards pads. I loaned a pair to our maintenance man who is installing baseboard in our break room, he likes them so much that I can’t get them back. He says they are so comfortable that he forgets that he has them on, you can‘t get a higher recommendation than that!"

- Fred Deats, Safety Equipment Insider

Plant Markers & Plant Tags Insider Pick
New! Sunlight Requirement Portrait Tags, Pack of 25

Customer Assitance: An inexpensive way to offer answers to easy customer questions.

Easy to Read:Bright colors make these tags easy to see and read!

What Our Experts Say…
"As a former garden center employee, I can attest to the fact that the most frequently asked question from our customers was what sunlight requirement certain plants would need. Why not add these bright, colorful tags to your plant displays? They will capture the attention of customers scanning your plant displays in search of the perfect plants for their landscape or container gardens. They will appreciate the information without the need to search for a sales associate. They are available in Sun, Part Sun and Shade, 2" x 6 3/4" and are reusable weather resistant styrene. Your plant displays will look informative, organized and beautiful. "

- Judy Gay, Marking & Tagging Insider

Fertilizers & Treatments Insider Pick
New! SUPERthrive® Vitamin Solution

Trusted: Generations of home gardeners and professionals trust the SUPERthrive® vitamin solution.

Multiple Uses: Applied in any fashion – from direct application during transplanting to fertigation and foliar treatments.

What Our Experts Say…
"SUPERthrive has been my go to product any time I am planting, fertilizing or simply watering my plants This vitamin solution helps keep all of my plants healthy and growing. It is comprised of unique, non-toxic ingredients including kelp. Hydroponic growers have found this to be the easiest additive to their grow operations as well. "

- Bret Ritter, Veteran Nurseryman and Fertilizers & Treatments Insider