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Marking & Tagging Insider Pick
New! Reflective Fire Hydrant Stake with Premium Spring

High-Visibility Reflective Tape: Clearly marks fire hydrants and other obstacles.

Affordable Safety: Identify hazards to prevent damage to property and people.

What Our Experts Say…

"Snow drifts make obstacles even more dangerous by making them invisible. A buried fire hydrant, for example, can be a hidden danger for a vehicle like a snow plow. A collision would cause damage to both the plow and the hydrant. These stakes mark these obstacles and avoid costly repairs or injuries.

These 5-foot long fiberglass poles feature 4-inch sections of bright reflective orange tape. A premium steel spring at the base of each 3/8-inch diameter pole gives them flexibility. Snow drifts are not the only problem. During the summer months, tall weeds and grass can obstruct hydrants. Use these stakes to mark this obstacle for your mower. You can also use them to identify utility boxes, deep ditches, or any other obstructed hazards. Shop our selection of optional brackets to find the perfect fit for your situation."

- Judy Gay, Marking and Tagging Insider

Greenhouse Supplies Insider Pick
Frost Blanket

Freeze Protection: Provides up to 10⁰F frost protection for fruit, vegetable, and nursery crops.

Durable and Effective: Designed to retain heat and allow water to pass through.

What Our Experts Say…

"Protect your sensitive crops, fruits, and vegetables from the bite of frost! In Ohio, we are finally feeling the seasons shift. As nighttime temperatures dip down into the 40s, growers are starting to get nervous. Protect your plants with your choice of two different weights of frost blanket. Our 1-1/2-ounce offers 6-8°F of frost protection and allows for 50% light transmission. The 2-1/2-ounce blanket provides up to 10°F of protection and allows for 40% light transmission. Order early to extend your growing season!”

-Danny Neth, Greenhouse Supplies Insider and Grower

Maintenance Supplies Insider Pick
New! Magnetic Grease Gun Clips, One Pair

Strong Hold: Two 65-pound pull force magnets with a heavy-duty composite construction.

Convenient Storage: Stores a grease gun right where you need it, when you need it most.

What Our Experts Say…

"You have moved your machinery and equipment to the worksite. After all that work, you realize that you forgot your grease gun back at the shop. If you have ever been in this situation, GREASECLIP Magnetic Grease Gun Clips are the perfect solution for you! The makers of the popular Magnetic Landscapers Clip developed these new clips with contractors in mind.

Grease guns have an odd shape. Many pieces of machinery and equipment do not provide proper storage for this shape. GREASECLIPS allow you to mount your grease gun in an easily accessible spot and out of the way of the controls. I always keep a grease gun on hand for routine maintenance or for when I hear a joint go dry. I use GREASECLIPS to store one behind the seat of my loader and another along the floor of my excavator. They stop my equipment from sliding around on the floor of the machine while I work. You can also use these clips to hold a can of marking paint or even use one as a cup holder. The uses are virtually endless. Share your favorite uses for GREASECLIPs by submitting a review today!"

-Brian Stephens, Hardscaping & Landscaping Tools Insider

Safety Equipment Insider Pick
New! Notch Standard Chainsaw Chaps
Quality Design: Made using ASTM UL-approved 8-layer polyester.

Affordable Price: Great protection at a great price.
What Our Experts Say…

"Notch designed their Chainsaw Chaps for protection, comfort, and price. Made using ASTM UL-approved 8-layer polyester, wrapped with an outer layer of 600D polyester to increase durability. The orange color keeps you visible and makes it easier to find them on the work site. Notch assembles these chaps using heavy-gauge nylon thread with high-quality compression snaps and closures will not wear out like cheaper models. These durable, water-resistant chaps provide excellent protection at a lower price point than the competition! Notch Chainsaw Chaps fit up to a 48-inch waist. The attached belt makes it easy to adjust them to your desired size. Sized according to the outseam measurement, the distance from your belt to ankle. Choose from 3 lengths, in either standard or extra protective Wrap-Around versions. Although these are new to our line, they are already proving to be a favorite of our customers!"

- Fred Deats, Safety Equipment Insider