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Gardening & Landscaping Tools Insider Pick
New! Leonard All-Steel Drain Spades

Stronger than Ever: Rated at over 700lb on industry standard long handled tool tests.

Ready to Use: The blade features a tapered grind, this tool is already sharpened and ready to dig right out of the box.

What Our Experts Say…
"The most recent addition to our line of all steel tools passed our test, now it is your turn. In an industry standard long handled tool strength test, preformed at an independent lab. The ADS16 tested at over 700lb! Needless to say, these all steel drain spades are built to withstand years of everyday use in the field. In addition to its strength, the all steel design makes this tool a perfect weight for digging in tough soils. Slightly heavier than wood and fiberglass handled options, the steel drain spade provides more downward momentum while digging. Another useful digging feature is the tapered grind to the blade. That's right, the blade is already sharpened and ready to dig! The tool weight and sharpened blade will penetrate soils several inches deeper than the competition. Less repetition, less work, and lest time spent digging.”

-Brian Stephens, Gardening & Landscaping Tools Insider

Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides Insider Pick
Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew Insect Killer

Safe Use: Insect killer for organic gardening. Safe around pets and people.

Multi-Use: Use on fruits and vegetables as well as ornamentals.

What Our Experts Say…
"It has been a buggy year so far for us in Ohio. I was admiring my newly planted perennial Hibiscus moscheutos with its dinner plate size, pink and white blooms the other night and realized it had Japanese beetles eating away at the beautiful blooms. I rounded up some Captain Jack’s Deadbug Brew® and began spraying. It contains the active ingredient Spinosad, “spin-O-sid”, which is derived from a naturally occurring soil dwelling bacterium originally collected from an abandoned rum distillery. The unique bacterium kills leaf chewing beetles, caterpillars, loopers and leaf miners by ingestion. You may see the pests still on your plants for a few hours after you have sprayed but they will cease feeding before being killed. This natural insecticide is for organic gardening and won’t harm beneficial insects. Label lists a host of fruits and vegetables as well as herbaceous and woody ornamentals that this product can be used on. You only need 2 ounces per gallon of water. The low mix rate makes this product an economical investment as well as being safe around pets and people."

- Judy Gay, Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides Insider

Material Handling Insider Pick
Jeri-Riggs Straps
Be Secure: Will not scratch, will not slip, holds just about anything securely.

Extra Strong: Assorted Work Loads and sizes, holds between 280 and 3,000 pounds, depending on style.
What Our Experts Say…
"Tired of trying to figure out where to tie down your equipment, because there are not convenient tie-down points? You wrap the hook from your bungie or strap around a handle or axle and hook it back to itself, and hope that the angles are correct so they don’t pop off when you go over a bump. Introducing the Jeri-Rigg! Chose between Eye Loop or Hook Styles, and make a secure tie-down point wherever you need one. Just wrap the Jeri-Rigg around a part of your equipment; a handle, axle, or frame. The Hook or Loop gets inserted into a slot in the strap, and then is secured by hook-and-loop over the top. But a Jeri-Rigg is so secure, once your strap is hooked up, even if the hook-and-loop comes undone, the strap stays in place because of the design! Use with your bungee cords, tie-down straps, lanyards, rope, netting, carabiner, or chains. Use to secure equipment on a trailer, or strap around a fishing pole so it can’t fall in the water. Use to hang up bikes, tie equipment to your head-ache rack, hang ladders, secure a bucket to your ladder or scaffold, secure luggage to your luggage rack, hang things from your rafters, any thing that needs a tie-down point now has one! "

- Fred Deats, Material Handling Insider

Fertilizers & Treatments Insider Pick

First of its Kind: Increases phosphorus & nutrient cycling during bloom phase.

Improves Plants: Maximizes plant growth, increases yields, and enhances plant growth.

What Our Experts Say…
"Mammoth P is the newest addition to our line of Fertilizers & Treatments and a product I stand behind 100%! Prior to launching this product, I have been extensively testing it in my garden and have been blown away by the results. Not only are my tomato plants taller, stronger, and healthier, but have so many blooms on them that I’m worried my stakes are going to snap once all the fruit develops! The label claims a 16% increase in yield, but I think my tests will blow that number away. Another great thing about it is that a little goes a long way.”

-Danny Neth, Fertilizers & Treatments Insider and Grower