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Greenhouse Supplies Insider Pick
New! Kool Ray Classic Liquid Shade, White

Reduce Temperatures: Bright white color reflects up to 85% of solar energy.

Multiple Uses: Safe for use on plastic & glass, made with non-toxic, non-hazardous ingredients.

What Our Experts Say…
"Kool Ray is a concentrated liquid shade for greenhouses. Kool Ray’s highly reflective formula works to divert heat BEFORE it enters the greenhouse. This results in a cooler greenhouse & a less stressful growing environment. Because it is concentrated, you can mix it to fit the custom shading percentage that your operation needs. We recommend applying by spraying onto your greenhouse for the most uniform covering, but it can also be rolled or brushed on. Kool Ray’s environmentally-friendly ingredients slowly & naturally wash away allowing for increased light levels as daylight decreases. ”

-Danny Neth, Greenhouse Supplies Insider and Grower

Outdoor Power Equipment Insider Pick
New! AirSpade 3000 Series
Numerous Safety Features: Non-conductive 5-footfiberglass barrel and an adjustable dirt shield.

Move Dirt Fast: Extra-hardened, stainless steel 330 CFM supersonic nozzle.
What Our Experts Say…
"The AIR-SPADE® 3000 is the most powerful air excavation tool available on the market today. The AIR-SPADE® effectively penetrates and dislodges most types of soil, but is harmless to non-porous objects such as plant roots, buried pipes, or cables. Featuring their patented supersonic nozzle, the rugged, heavy-duty The AIR-SPADE® 3000 is the tool of choice to move maximum dirt in the minimum amount of time. Dead man trigger ensures safe operation. Non-conductive, fiberglass extension provides a degree of protection from buried electrical lines. Compressed air requirements: 330 cfm @ 90 psi. If you want to know what is going on under the surface of the soil without disturbing or destroying roots, the AirSpade is the answer."

- Fred Deats, Outdoor Power Equipment Insider

Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides Insider Pick
New! Companion® Biological Fungicide 2-3-2

100% Organic: Safe for plants, safe for workers, good for the environment!

Easy to Use: Use as a soil drench or foliar application and mixes well with fertilizers, insecticides and chemical fungicides for increased efficacy.

What Our Experts Say…
"Companion® is known as the first liquid biological fungicide introduced for root, soil and foliar borne diseases on agricultural crops. The active ingredient Bacillus subtilis BG03 has been studied by over 100 universities in the U.S. and abroad and has set the standard for other biological fungicides. Each gallon contains 55 billion spores of Bacillus subtilis BG03. Years of research went into developing this product and has proudly obtained EPA registration in all horticultural markets including turf, landscape, greenhouse, nursery, ornamental production, hydroponics, large agriculture and for home and garden use. With its triple modes of action, Companion can destroy pathogens, inhibit spore germination by crowding out with good microbes where bad pathogens would have occupied. And it will also boost the plants natural defenses by producing biostimulants that increase root mass and over all good health for the plants. It is an important tool in good disease management programs whenever a fungicide is needed."

- Judy Gay, Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides Insider

Measuring, Surveying, Testing Insider Pick
New! Johnson Self-Leveling Rotary Laser System, 800-Foot Range

800ft Working Diameter : Allows you to survey, grade, or level over 11 acres from one position.

Ease of Use: This kit includes everything you need to survey and level your jobsite.

What Our Experts Say…
"This is perfect for small residential jobsites. It is a great starter kit for your crew and comes with everything you need to survey, grade, or level. This rotary laser is self-leveling in the horizontal plane, with an 800ft working range you can cover over 11 acres of land! It also offers a manual level in the vertical plane for a 90* split beam, this comes in handy for alignment work. Johnson's rotary lasers are accurate to within an 1/8" and when it comes to accuracy, I have never had an issue with a Johnson Level product. Johnson equips their rotary lasers with a locking compensator that locks the pendulum and protects inner mechanisms on the jobsite, in transit, and in storage. This locking compensator helps ensure accuracy and will give you peace of mind that your measurements are accurate.”

-Brian Stephens, Measuring, Surveying, Testing Insider