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Make fall cleanup a breeze with these products! Plus, shop now and save 10% off your order.
Leonard Heavy Duty Brooms

Compare and Save! Built to last with a high quality hardwood block (3" x 1 1/8"). Highly concentrated 4.25" bristles clear a wide swath. Choose between a 60" wood or steel handle.

Lawn Bagg Tarps

This heavy-duty lawn tarp holds up to the toughest cleanup jobs! If you can humanly lift it, the Lawn Bag Tarp can hold it! The 8-ounce woven polypropylene material is strong and puncture-resistant. The polyethylene coating on this material provides extra durability.

New! Leonard 8-Cubic-Foot Poly Tray Wheelbarrows with Steel Handles

We design our wheelbarrows with you in mind! The low-profile design provides increased stability, even with heavy loads on rutted surfaces. We make our new steel handles from 18-gauge galvanized steel tubes. We offer these wheelbarrows with multiple tire options.

Rake Assassin Rake/Shovel Combo Tool

The Rake Assassin lets you rake, collect, skim, sift, dump, and haul almost anything in the landscape that requires a sturdy yet delicate touch. With the Rake Assassin, you can clear up almost every imaginable type of garden waste in the blink of an eye.