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Ferromec AC Liquid Iron with 15% Nitrogen Foliar Spray, 2.5 Gallon Jug

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Liquid iron AND nitrogren delivers an incredibly green color in less than 48 hours!

This Ferromec AC Liquid Iron with nitrogen will quickly greenup turf and ornamentals in 12 to 48 hours. A great spray to speed up recovery from dormancy, and a fast way to correct iron chlorosis in herbaceous plants, shrubs and trees. This foliar spray has a combination of nitrogen (15), sulfur (3), and iron (6) for healthy growth.

When used as recommended, this is a non-burning spray that is designed to produce rapid greenup. The AC stands for amine-compatible: a formula that is buffered to avoid problems when mixing with herbicides or fertilizers. The urea used carries iron sulfate into the plant quickly. Although stable in the solution, the urea and iron sulfate break down quickly after application to absorb quickly. Can be tank-mixed with other products. For turfgrass, use 0.5 to 4 gallons per 1,000 square feet; see label for use with herbaceous plants, shrubs, and trees (between 2 teaspoons and 4 tablespoons to make 1 gallon of spray.

Product Information

Product Specs
2.5 gallon container. Guaranteed analysis: Total nitrogen 15% (15% urea nitrogen), Sulfer 3%, Iron 6%.
Product Warranty Information
Manufacturer warrants only the composition of the product conforms to the guaranteed analysis given on the label, and the product is reasonably suited for the labeled use when applied according to the directions on the label. SEE LABEL FOR WARRANTY DISCLAIMER.
Product Features
Can be tank-mixed with other products.
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  • 31.5 pounds
Frequently Asked Questions
QUESTION: Can it be used through an injector in drip irrigation? ANSWER: No, it may not be effective. This product works best when sprayed evenly across the green leaves or green grass.
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