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Healthy plants simply look the best. They have the largest, most beautiful flowers and vibrant green leaves. They are the tallest trees that produce the most and best-tasting fruit. With strong roots and stems, healthy plants are also more resistant to anything that might harm them. No matter if you're growing a tree, a vegetable, or a flower, we have the plant food you need.

High-quality soil amendments and timed-release plant fertilizers can get plants healthy and keep them that way. We carry several Florikan formulas, as well as Osmocote and Peters. Organic plant fertilizers and water-soluble fertilizers are also available. Leonard tree fertilizers and tree food will help your trees flourish. Root treatments give cuttings the best start they can have.

The greenest, most beautiful lawns and turf start with lawn fertilizer. We have a selection of Andersons fertilizers with herbicides, insecticides, or iron to ensure the healthiest turf. Healthy grass can stand up to more use and abuse cutting down on additional maintenance.