Field King Compression Sprayers


Perfect for any landscaping tasks!

Field King outfits their Compression Sprayers with a durable 15-inch long aluminum wand. This wand has a versatile all-in-one nozzle for all your spraying needs. They use chemical-resistant Viton seals throughout the pump and shut-off. These sprayers also feature chemical-resistant tanks with pressure release caps. Choose your desired size below. Field King Compression Sprayers are perfect for any landscaping job. From killing weeds and pests to watering your flowers, these sprayers will exceed your expectations. The all-in-one nozzle provides you with three spray methods. The fan spray is ideal for covering large areas. A cone spray makes it easy to water and fertilize your plants. The stream spray works well for spot-treating weeds and getting to cracks and crevices where bugs like to hide. Field King engineers these sprayers for both safety and efficiency. The pressure release cap diverts the pressure away from you when opening the tank. This diversion prevents accidental chemical spray. The all-in-one nozzle, durable aluminum wand, and comfort grip allow you to tackle even the most significant jobs with minimal fatigue!
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