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Here you'll find a huge assortment of tree protection and landscape supplies, including baskets, crimp tools, burlap products, field staking, grafting kits, orchard ladders, fruit-picking tools, harvest bags, tree guards, tree shelters, and more. We stock industry-leading brands like Braun, Pro Line, and Treekote, plus our own premium quality A.M. Leonard products.

Our unique and useful tools -- like the Pickup Wizard for large fruits and nuts -- make for reduced hours of tough work. This clever gadget features a round spring-wire head that traps fruits and nuts when you roll it over the ground. It's the perfect way to avoid breaking your back when picking up almonds, walnuts, limes, lemons, apples, or even golf balls.

When it comes to orchard and arborist supplies, nothing is quite as versatile as burlap. Our Premium Burlap Rolls are biodegradable, durable, and trusted by nurseries throughout the United States. This traditional gardening product is resistant to rips, tears, and rotting, and can help protect your trees' roots and trunks.

Ensure you're prepared for every season and harvest with A.M. Leonard's premium orchard supply products, landscape supplies, arborist supplies, and tree protection tools.