Fiskars 10-Inch Log Hook

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Fiskars 10-Inch Log Hook

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Comfortable, durable, and efficient!

Keep your hands dry when handling firewood in the snow!
Fiskars designed their 10-inch log hook to quickly grab and turn logs. This hook makes preparing and organizing firewood a breeze. Use this log hook to turn logs or combine it with other tools to easily transport firewood. Fiskars makes this durable hook from boron steel. It features a toothed blade with a sharpened tip. This greatly improves this tool?s grip on logs. A compact profile makes it easier for you to access a log?s base. Fiskars equips this tool with a sculpted FiberComp® handle. This handle features a non-slip grip and a flared end. These features provide comfort, enhanced control, and insulation against the cold. Fiskars includes a durable holster to simplify storage and transportation.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Length: 10 inches
  • Head material: Hardened boron steel
  • Handle type: FiberComp® with non-slip grip
Product Features
  • Ideal for grabbing and turning logs
  • Hardened boron steel hook
  • Toothed head with a sharpened tip provides a secure hold while turning and moving logs
  • Bent handle makes lifting and carrying logs easier
  • Compact hook profile allows easier access to log base
  • Sculpted, non-slip handle improves comfort, enhances control and helps insulate against the cold
  • Handle flare keeps the tool firmly in your grip
  • FiberComp® handle is lightweight and durable
  • Wiregate carabiner for quick clipping and removing
  • Includes convenient holster for safe storage and transportation
PFR Warranty
The manufacturer covers this product with a lifetime warranty.
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