Flagging Tape 1 3/16in Width - Polka Dot

Flagging Tape 1 3/16in Width - Polka Dot

Mark it quick and get it noticed!

Plastic tapes with patterns and colors provide a multitude of marking options. With your choice of nearly 40 different pattern options you will be able to manage your identification needs effectively. Non-adhesive rolls make it quick and easy to tie to any material or object. Tough, weather-resistant and withstands temperatures as low as -28 degrees Fahrenheit.
Item # Color Length Stock Status 1 – 11 12 – 143 144 + Qty
PD-1R Red Dots on White 300 ft In Stock $2.59 $2.29 $2.09
PD-3B Blue Dots on White 300 ft In Stock $2.59 $2.29 $2.09
PD-4Y Yellow Dots on White 300 ft In Stock $2.59 $2.29 $2.09
PD-5O Orange Dots on White 300 ft In Stock $2.59 $2.29 $2.09
PD-7G Green Dots on White 300 ft In Stock $2.59 $2.29 $2.09
PD-8B Black Dots on White 300 ft In Stock $2.59 $2.29 $2.09
PDM-1R Black Dots on Red 300 ft In Stock $2.59 $2.29 $2.09
PDM-3B Black Dots on Blue 300 ft In Stock $2.59 $2.29 $2.09
PDM-4Y Black Dots on Yellow 300 ft In Stock $2.59 $2.29 $2.09
PDM-5O Black Dots on Orange 300 ft In Stock $2.59 $2.29 $2.09
PDM-7G Black Dots on Green 300 ft In Stock $2.59 $2.29 $2.09
PDM-O5O Black Dots on Fluorescent Orange 150 ft In Stock $2.59 $2.29 $2.09
PDM-O6P Black Dots on Fluorescent Pink 150 ft In Stock $2.59 $2.29 $2.09
PD-P-2W White Dots on Pink 150 ft In Stock $2.59 $2.29 $2.09
PD-Y-1R Red Dots on Yellow 300 ft In Stock $2.59 $2.29 $2.09

Review Summary (Based on 10 Reviews)

5 Stars

Bill Mcclure Neuse Plant & Bark Four Oaks NC from NC wrote April 04, 2013

This past hunting season we field dressed a deer using yellow and white polka dot flagging tape to tie his back legs to a branch, this tape is great!!!!

5 Stars

Just the ticket to mark my trails! Sandy from VT wrote September 26, 2011

I have an extensive trails system that I have built over the years and needed flagging that looked different than anything loggers and hunters would use. So pink polka dots is perfect! Now my fellow horse buddies can find their way, and so can I! Easy to use, durable, good price.

5 Stars

flagging tape Kathy from MS wrote September 24, 2011

priced as low as the plain colors but adds a little extra to your flagging. Love the dots

4 Stars

polka dot flagging tape Beeaver Creek Wetlands Association from OH wrote September 24, 2011

We purchased the tape to flag different species of trees and shrubs. It seems to hold its color and withstand changing weather conditions.

5 Stars

A great product The Garden Stone; we hybridize daylilies. from SC wrote September 23, 2011

When I bought this tape, I was prepared for all types of trouble, sticking together, slippery, hard to tie, fading, I GOT NONE OF THAT! Much to my surprise, the tape was soft, yet very sturdy, easy to tie. It did not stick together, and was not slippery. It really stands out, and the colors hold up well. I would recommend it as a very high quality product.

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