Flagging Tape 1 3/16in Width - Striped

Flagging Tape 1 3/16in Width - Striped

Mark it quick and get it noticed!

Plastic tapes with patterns and colors provide a multitude of marking options. With your choice of nearly 40 different pattern options you will be able to manage your identification needs effectively. Non-adhesive rolls make it quick and easy to tie to any material or object. Tough, weather-resistant and withstands temperatures as low as -28 degrees Fahrenheit.
Item # Color Length Stock Status 1 – 11 12 – 143 144 + Qty
CS-1R Red/White Stripes 300 ft In Stock $2.69 $2.38 $2.17
CS-3B Blue/White Stripes 300 ft In Stock $2.69 $2.38 $2.17
CS-4Y Yellow/White Stripes 300 ft In Stock $2.69 $2.38 $2.17
CS-5O Orange/White Stripes 300 ft In Stock $2.69 $2.38 $2.17
CS-7G Green/White Stripes 300 ft In Stock $2.69 $2.38 $2.17
CS-8B Black/White Stripes 300 ft In Stock $2.69 $2.38 $2.17
CSY-1R Yellow/Red Stripes 300 ft In Stock $2.69 $2.38 $2.17
MS-1R Red/Black Stripes 300 ft In Stock $2.69 $2.38 $2.17
MS-3B Blue/Black Stripes 300 ft In Stock $2.69 $2.38 $2.17
MS-4Y Yellow/Black Stripes 300 ft In Stock $2.69 $2.38 $2.17
MS-5O Orange/Black Stripes 300 ft In Stock $2.69 $2.38 $2.17
MS-7G Glo Green/Black Stripes 300 ft In Stock $2.69 $2.38 $2.17
MS-O5O Glo Orange/Black Stripes 150 ft In Stock $2.69 $2.38 $2.17
MS-O6P Pink/Black Stripes 150 ft In Stock $2.69 $2.38 $2.17

Review Summary (Based on 5 Reviews)

4 Stars

use of flagging tape wrote

I used the tape to mark my lilies so I could relocate them in the fall. The tape worked great and is still on the stem waiting to be moved. Any other product I have used usually did not last this long. THANK YOU FOR THE GREAT PRODUCT.

5 Stars

A M Leonard flagging tape is a super buy! wrote

A year and a half ago I first put to use over 60 different styles of their flagging tape here in South central Florida, and today pieces that old look almost as good as the week we started using it. We use different strips to code, ID and track thousands of different species of plants and trees. It has saved us a great deal of money and hundreds of hours searching out inventory. You can spot the tape a long way off and don't have to get up close and read tiny plant labels to know what you got and where. We use a strip attached to a filing card with the information on it. I also use a strip stapled to the different color coloplast plant stakes in potted plant also, it makes the ID just jump right out at you. The customers love it, we can give them a 4" strip of a flag style for them to go searching on their own too if they wish. The tape holds up very well and stays bright...

5 Stars

Striped Flagging Tape wrote

We like to use the striped flagging tape as it stands out from the one color tape and there are only so many one color tapes you can get. Once we run out of the different colors the striped tape helps us to be able to keep flagging trees for our customers.

5 Stars

Striped flagging tape wrote

We farm 1000+ acres of orchard. We use the black and white striped tape (Kiss of Death) to identify sick trees in the summer when they are readily identified as opposed to the dormant stage when all trees look similar. We need a very unique tape that is different from all the other colors that we use for various reasons in the orchards. We can not buy the black and white striped tape locally so it is perfect for our need. No confusion.

5 Stars


I do like the stripped flagging tape, as it allows you [to] coordinate different sizes of the same variety when tagging an order. They add additional flexibility to the tagging job.