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An economical way to keep your growing system clean!

FloraKleen removes fertilizer residue that can accumulate over time in hydroponic systems, growing media, and potting soils.

Use FloraKleen monthly to purge your hydroponic system or potted plants of excess salts that can accumulate as a result of regular fertilizer application. FloraKleen is an excellent final flush, and can be used at any time to dissolve mineral and salt buildup.

Its high concentration and low price make FloraKleen the economical choice for maintaining your plants in both hydroponic and soil based environments.
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  • Available in 1 quart bottle, 1 gallon jug, and 2.5 gallon jug
  • A proprietary blend of ingredients formulated to remove fertilizer residue that can accumulate in hydroponic systems, growing media and potting soils over time

Product Features

  • Dissolves accumulated fertilizer salts; reduces excess and imbalanced fertilizers
  • Releases nutrient bond between plant and system
  • Use as a final flush one week before harvest
  • Safe for use while plants are growing

Application Rates

  • 1 to 2 teaspoons per gallon, see labels for details

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