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Florikan; 17-5-11 NPK Max, 140-Day Formula

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Florikan; 17-5-11 NPK Max, 140-Day Formula

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This Florikan formula is 100% polymer coated fertilizer. Formulated for woody ornamentals and trees but can be used on all other plants. Florikan formulates its products using a high-performance, polymer coated, fertilizer technology activated by moisture. The speed of release is only affected by soil temperature. After application, these Controlled Release Fertilizers release the nutrients they need when they need them. They will outperform other controlled release fertilizers both in consistency and longevity without dumping, because of its unique polymer coating. Nutrient release is not affected by media type or pH.

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  • 17-5-11 formula
  • 5 to 6 month
  • The 17% Nitrogen content is 8% nitrate nitrogen, 9% ammoniacal nitrogen
  • 50 lb bags
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