Foldable, Puncture-Resistant Lawn Baggs

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For those BIG cleanup jobs, make just one trip to empty it out! Draggable yet puncture-resistant, these free-standing polypropylene bags compactly fold after the job is done.

The strong, safe and easy to use method for collection, storage and hauling of yard waste, such as grass, leaves, branches, weeds, etc. These lightweight woven polypropylene bags are constructed from a puncture-resistant material that will not tear and is ideal for collecting all kinds of debris. Plus, they're easy to use.

Free-standing bags make the cumbersome job of keeping the bag open a thing of the past. Storage is minimal, just fold away when not in use. Available in 5 convenient sizes. Lawn Baggs are ideal for all your lawn maintenance activities especially grass clipping collection and leaf disposal.
NEW STYLE AVAILABLE, SEE DETAILS IN 'SPEC' BELOW. #LB22DB has a double-layered bottom for extra durability.
Item # Bottom Description Ship wt Volume Stock Status 1 – 2 3 + Qty
LB2 Double Bottom 15in L x 15in W x 17in H .5 lb 2 cu ft In Stock $25.39 $22.85
LB5 Double Bottom 22in L x 22in W x 22in H 2 lb 5 cu ft In Stock $28.99 $26.95
LB10 Single layer 24in L x 24in W x 30in H 4 lb 10 cu ft In Stock $37.99 $35.96
LB8 Single layer 30in L x 30in W x 35in H 4 lb 18 cu ft In Stock $45.69 $43.66
LB22DB Double Bottom 32.5in L x 32.5in W x 35in H 4 lb 21 cu ft In Stock $52.79 $49.74
LB27 Single layer 34in L x 34in W x 40in H 4 lb 27 cu ft In Stock $49.79 $46.23


  • Square-shaped with handle loop on each corner

    LB22DB is a DOUBLE-BOTTOM Lawn Bagg featuring:
  • 32.5in L x 32.5in W x 35in high - 21.5 cu ft - 61 gallons (five 32 gallon trash cans)
  • Constructed with two layers of heavy gauge woven polypropylene material on the bottom, this bagg is perfect for those really tough landscaping jobs
  • Four corner loops make lifting and hauling your landscape wastes easy
  • Two side handles make two-person hauling easy
  • Product Features

    Four corner loops make lifting and hauling your landscape wastes easy.

    Product Benefits

    Recommended for landscape maintenance on smaller properties.


    One year warranty against manufacturer defects.

    Review Summary (Based on 11 Reviews)

    5 Stars

    oversized lawn bag wrote

    purchased bag to put on the back of my john deer gator to hold more leaves and debris. Perfect for my large lawn clean up

    4 Stars

    Bottom to thin wrote

    The lawn bag is great,very useful,but bottom material to thin,and their should be handles on the bottom too make turning the bag over a lot easier

    4 Stars

    great labor saver wrote

    I ordered both the LB5 and the LB10. The LB5 requires you thread a plastic stiffener around the top hem. Recommend you put some tape on the front end to smooth the trip. Otherwise the sharp edges can dig in, especially at folds/corners. The LB10 won't stand open by itself. The instructions suggest folding it down by half. I found a 6 inch fold was plenty (which suggests how it might be made in the future). Not sure why they didn't use the plastic stiffener concept? Can't comment on durability yet, but nylon/plastic strips on the bottom could be an option. Obviously dragging a full bag across gravel or a driveway will accelerate wear. It is a great product. Mowing up leaves fills the mower bag almost instantly. Having a handy dump "station" saves a lot of trips. Same for raking. Both have extra straps on the sides to help you lift & dump the bags. Nice touch.

    3 Stars

    Bag great but could use a double bottom layer wrote

    Love these bags, they work great except to suggest that the bottom have a double layer of material for longer usefulness. The bags wear remarkably well except the bottom wears out before the rest of the bag.

    A.M. Leonard responds: Good feedback; the manufacturer listened to customers, and created #LB22DB which now has the new double-layered bottom.

    5 Stars

    Great in the fall wrote

    Yard waste/leaves are high volume material that are difficult to collect and transport. Filling small bags is tedious. These are draggable on grass and simplify things. The larger bags can get heavy (eg wet leaves) so you might consider the AL900 or the 2448LW. Ideally Leonard might match up the cart sizes with the bag sizes. Load height is a big deal to me because I have a steep yard.

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