New Maasdam Pow' R-Rope Puller

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Weight: 7.00 lbs

Can accommodate an unlimited amount of your own rope!

The Maasdam Rope Puller is one of our most popular and versatile tools, used to pull trees, logs, beams and even stuck vehicles. This simple ratchet device works best with 3-strand rope, but it will also work with 12-strand ropes like Arbor-Plex and True Blue. Pull up to 1,500 lbs.with a 10:1 leverage advantage using your own 1/2" rope, but it weighs less than 7 lbs! Other uses include pretensioning lines, stretching fence, and raising loads. Simply thread the end of your rope around the ratchet wheel and crank the handle. The Maasdam walks along the full distance of rope without the limitations of most cable pullers. Not recommended for doublebraid ropes. Rope not included.


<ul class="unstyled listoption5"><li>Capacity: ? ton</li><li>Weight: 7 lbs</li><li>Rope Length: No Rope</li><li>Leverage: 10:1</li><li>Manufactured in the USA</li><li>Can accommodate an unlimited length of rope </li></ul>

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4 Stars

Unittled wrote

I bought it so I can pull up my trees that went down due to the hurricane.