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Frost Blanket

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For freeze protection and over-wintering.

They are available in either 1.5oz medium weight (PR5012 & PR5024) or 2.5oz heavy weight (PR8006 & PR8012). The medium weight blankets protect sensitive ornamentals and nursery stock and will extend the harvest season for vegetable crops. They provide 6-8 degree freeze protection and have 50% light transmission. The heavy weight blankets are durable and effective for over-wintering perennials and other ornamentals. They are designed to hold heat in and allow irrigation and rain to pass through. Even on sunny days they will not cause foliage burn. They provide up to 10+ degree freeze protection and have 40% light transmission. All frost blankets are priced per roll and are UPS shippable.
Item # Ship wt Width Percent Light Transmissio Weight Length Stock Status 1 – 4 5 + Qty
PR8012 65 lb 12' 40% 2.5oz, heavy weight 250' In Stock $236.99 $228.85
PR5012 38 lb 50% 12' 250' 1.5oz, medium weight Out of Stock
Please call for availability
$140.99 $135.17
PR8006 28 lb 40% 6' 250' 2.5 oz, heavy weight In Stock $115.69 $111.77
PR5024 31 lb 50% 24' 100' 1.5oz, medium weight In Stock $134.99 $127.59

Review Summary (Based on 9 Reviews)

5 Stars

DeWitt 250' 2.5 frost blanket roll wrote

This product worked great! I covered the plants and shrubs in November and uncovered them the end of March/first of April. The annuals that were under the blanket (begonias, marigolds, bachelor buttons, and a couple of others had beautiful flowers as did the tropical birds of paradise. The neighbors wondered what I had done. It didn't even look like we had just gone through a horribly cold winter. The only thing I wish was different was the material needing to be wider. I had to spend a lot of time sewing strips together to cover the shrubs. I also wish there was a way to use it on trees. The two navidia ficus trees looked about dead. If I could have covered the trees I would still have beautiful trees. As it is, I have one that only came back to 1/3 of what it was and another that came back but didn't grow much beyond catching up to what it had lost. I am getting ready to order another 250' roll. I would recommend this.

5 Stars

Heavy weight row cover. wrote

Purchased the 12' x 250' , 2.5 oz frost blanket.The 12' width is just enough extra to comfortably go over our bed hoops with enough space to lay sandbags on the edges. We'd been using 10' width from another company, in high winds, it was easier for the cover to slip out from under the bags. This heavyweight cover is thicker and stiffer, which actually makes it easier to handle. Found it to be more durable than others. We use it almost entirely for season extension into early November. It's our latest preferred row cover for heavy frost.

5 Stars

great product, reasonable price, prompt shipping wrote

Protected Florida landscape plants from cold (20s). Reasonable price, arrived in a timely manner, performed exactly as expected. Good product, delivered as expected. Would use AM Leonaard again.

5 Stars


OMG just love the frost blankets. People in Myrtle Beach said you can't grow queen palms. I bought the frost blankets and my queens survived the worst winter ever.... while everyone elses queen palms died.

1 Star

Frost blanket is poor quality. It ripped the first season. wrote

I've used row covers for years in Massachusetts to overwinter vegetables. This frost blanket is not designed to handle snow and wind and it ripped the first year. I have one frost blanket that is no longer available that has lasted 15 years. This current product is designed to degrade quickly.

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