Gandy Lawn Roller 11ga Steel Push/Tow Fills to 434lb 18in Diam x 36in Length

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Rugged lawn rollers for golf courses, landscaping/ ground care services and equipment rental dealers who need compact, easily serviceable units for superior performance. Grease fittings on each replaceable axle bearing keep units rolling freely. Axles extend completely through the 11 ga roller drum. Adjustable spring-loaded scrapers eliminate heavy debris buildup. 18" diameter rollers have rolled edges.Features a versatile quick-flip handle that allows the roller to be hitched behind tractors for large areas, and then flipped to a hand roller for maneuvering close to foundations and in confined places.18" diameter, 36"L, 108 lb empty, 434 lb filled. MOTOR FRT DELIVERY

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Drum 11 gauge, push/pull models, 8036 is 18in. x 36in., 39 gallon capacity, 41.25 overall width, 59.5 overall length, weight full 434lbs., weight 108lbs.
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Manufacturer supplies a one year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
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