Geodisc UV-Resistant Weed-Blocking Discs

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No more weeding, reduce root circling in containers and quit cutting away tree roots!

Cut your weeding budget with these easy to install, long lasting, UV resistant discs. Super new technology is used to create a needle punched non woven fiber fabric, backed by a latex coating that is impregnated with copper to help prevent surface germination of weeds. Precut to easily slip into place. Geodiscs permeability allows a constant passage of air, water and even solid and diluted fertilizers. Terrific for herbicide sensitive plants. 0.35mm-0.5mm thick. Choose a diameter equal to, or slightly greater than containers (up to 3/4 larger) so that it clings to the inside of the pot. Other sizes available call or write for a complete brochure.
Item # Disc Dia Pack Count Stock Status 1 – 2 3 + Qty
GEO4 4 inch 500 In Stock $81.59 $75.15
GEO65 6 1/2 500 In Stock $99.49 $88.43
GEO7 7 inch 500 In Stock $105.49 $100.21
GEO8 8 inch 500 In Stock $155.49 $139.94
GEO9 9 inch 500 In Stock $170.89 $155.35
GEO10 10 inch 500 In Stock $207.09 $186.38
GEO11 11 inch 500 In Stock $243.39 $226.89
GEO13 13 inch 500 In Stock $385.39 $358.99
GE16 16 inch 100 In Stock $105.49 $94.94
GE18 18 inch 100 In Stock $143.79 $133.14
GE24 24 inch 50 In Stock $124.79 $114.39


  • Diameter: 10"
  • Made of SpinOut treated fabric
  • Pack Count: 500

Product Features

The dark side of the fabric is the side that is treated with SpinOut. This is the side that goes 'up' in the container, the lighter side goes down on the soil.


    QUESTION: Do you apply slow-release fertilizer over or under the fabric? ANSWER: It has been found by the manufacturer to be most effective underneath the fabric.

Review Summary (Based on 3 Reviews)

5 Stars

Weed Barrier Discs wrote

Likes, discs work as advertised. Definitely saves time if you are cutting discs from from fabric or not using a barrier method and having to weed.

5 Stars

Bluefield Blueberry Farm wrote

Bought the GEO7 to place around our newly planted field [of] replacement blueberry plants. We then place white sand over the GEO7, which is around the plant. We have done this for three years, since we found this deters grass from growing immediately around the young plants. We have no complaints.

5 Stars

wonderful wrote

I bought it to keep the weeds out of my pots, it has saved me so much work, I just wish there was something on them so they would not blow off, but I would never do without them.