Ginegar Poly Film

Ginegar builds commercial-grade poly film that provides superior protection from sun, wind, rain, frost, and snow. A.M. Leonard partners with Ginegar to offer landscapers, nurseries, and professional gardeners premium-grade greenhouse poly film that hold up in all types of conditions and provide real cost savings. If you've tried working with standard poly film with little or no success, our Ginegar products may be just what you're looking for.

Viewing 1 - 4   4 Items
Viewing 1 - 4   4 Items

Our popular Ginegar Overwintering Plus poly film is a cutting-edge product built stronger than standard film and designed to offer protection for a full season. Featuring an innovative UV-stabilizer package and unmatched mechanical strength, this 3-mil poly film can even replace standard 4-mil overwinter film -- an efficient way to help you save money.

For covering the ground, check out our 3-mil Ginegar Cover Plus Film. This strong film functions perfectly as a structure covering, a weed barrier for orchards, or a floating bed liner. It is created tough to withstand several seasons and provide higher value than standard cover films. Both white and black color options are available.

If you're committed to protecting your investments, choose Ginegar poly film at A.M. Leonard. We stock superior overwintering and cover films that will get the job done. Check out our inventory today.