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Green-Dyed First Cut Premium Bamboo Stakes, Bundle

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As low as 3 cents a stake! First cut is 3 times stronger than wood, and is the best quality - more elastic, sturdier and it lasts much longer!

Hand-selected, this first cut bamboo is 3 times stronger than wood and higher quality than what you can find elsewhere. This is our top quality first-cut bamboo; green-dyed to blend into the landscape. Sturdy and long-lasting, these are ideal for field staking, and great for use in the greenhouse or garden. Value priced per bale; buy by the bale and save!

The malachite dye used with this bamboo is OMRI-listed for organic production. Various copper products are exampt from tolderance by 40 CFR Part 180. These copper-based materials are not used in herbicide applications and result in minimal soil accumulation. For long-term durability before use, we recommend you store your stakes out of direct sunlight and at 65% or less humidity, with good ventilation. Keep the stakes bundled and off the ground until usage.

Be Careful and Choose First-Cut Bamboo! Bamboo is a natural, sustainable product, but not all bamboo is the same. We led the industry in carrying only first-cut bamboo, which has a more elastic structure and is sturdier and longer-lasting than subsequent cuts. Here's how it works: Let's say that, in the field, a 15-foot length of bamboo is harvested. From this 15-foot length, we need an 8-foot finished cane. The 8-foot section is taken from the more flexible, sturdier section of cane. That's first-cut bamboo. The remaining 7 feet of the cane is then offered as second-cut bamboo. If the second piece is cut to a new size, you would create third-cut bamboo and so on. This later-cut bamboo is sometimes sold cheaply, because it has fibrous walls and much less flexibility. Second-cut bamboo will be more likely to snap or split in the field. When you are comparing bamboo pricing, be sure to ask which cutting you are getting. If it is not first-cut bamboo, be aware that you are sacrificing quality and probably will be disappointed. With A.M. Leonard, you will only get the best: First-Cut!
Item # Bale Ct. Ship Wt. As Low As Size Stock Status 1 – 24 25 + Qty
30BB 1,000 stakes 40 lbs $0.05 per stake 3/16 inch x 30 inches In Stock $70.21 $67.01
24BB 2,000 stakes 52 lbs $0.05 per stake 3/16 inch x 24 inches Out of Stock
Please call for availability
$123.60 $117.82
48BB 50 lbs 500 stakes $0.115 per stake 3/8 inch x 48 inches Out of Stock
Please call for availability
$69.94 $66.99
36BB 1,000 stakes 50 lbs $0.065 per stake 5/16 inch x 36 inches In Stock $89.71 $85.74
18BB 30 lbs 2,000 stakes $0.03 per stake 1/4 inch x 18 inches Out of Stock
Please call for availability
$83.08 $79.25

Review Summary (Based on 6 Reviews)

5 Stars

Bamboo stakes wrote

Perfect size to stake our small Christmas tree seedlings

5 Stars

Untitled wrote

Order received quickly. Some of the stakes were very thin less than 3/16" and broke easily

5 Stars

Fine quality, standardized size and diameter wrote

Very good quality, reasonable price, bought because other suppliers have sent me stakes that were highly variable in thickness and quality. These are very uniform and consistent.

5 Stars

quality wrote

Bamboo was as good as they said it was.

4 Stars

Bamboo Garden Stakes wrote

I found some of these stakes to be very thin and fragile. Most of the 500 first cut stakes were sturdy enough for me to create my mesh enclosed garden beds.

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