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Count on the Green Elf for fast, precise granular application. It drastically reduces time needed to get the job done, and delivers big time and money savings!

The GreenElf® Electronic Applicator delivers maximum granular application efficiency. It has proven success for both large and small growing operations, with a quick pay back due to great labor savings. The Single Shot mode is capable of 15,000 to 20,000 shots per 8hr work day while the Pace Firing™ mode reaches up to 30,000 shots. Speed and reliability, with some customers experiencing 5 million shots without a single jam.

Engineered to be non-damaging, so applications perform as intended. Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride Battery capable of 45,000 shots on a single charge. 1000 cycle battery life. The EC501H is designed for medium size granular materials, while the EC301H is intended for fine grained materials. Includes comprehensive user manual with online and telephone support.

[We] love our GreenElf, it is the biggest time and money-saving piece of equipment we have purchased in recent years. We are a small nursery employing only 2 people...the Elf effectively doubles our work force for three weeks. And during production, we fertilize all the plants that were potted during the week on Friday...usually a whole day...with the Elf it's done in about 2 hours. -- Gary K. Evergreen Acres, MI
Item # Dose Range Hose Storage Capacity Use Stock Status Price Qty
EC501H 2.5 to 78 grams 21 lbs. Most Control and Slow Release Fertilizers (CRF/SRF) and some pesticides 2-4mm granulars Ships Direct
question This item ships directly from our vendor. Please allow additional time for order processing and delivery. For additional details, please contact our customer service department.
EC301H 0.1 to 5.5 grams 11 lbs Fine Grained Herbicides such as Scotts® Rout and Bayer® Ronstar, 0.5 to 1mm diameter granulars Ships Direct
question This item ships directly from our vendor. Please allow additional time for order processing and delivery. For additional details, please contact our customer service department.


  • Available in a medium-size granular (EC501H) or fine granular (EC301H) applicator
  • The EC501H will distribute 2 to 4 mm granular like slow release fertilizers and some pesticides
  • The EC301H will distribute fine grains .5 to 1 mm
  • The GreenElf Applicator is designed for granular, dry, coated Controlled Release Fertilizer with no or very little dust
  • Moving parts can gum up when used with gummy or sticky fertilizer; therefore the fertilizer should be dry and free flowing
  • The fertilizer should be free of magnetic particles (sometimes fertilizer with iron added can have iron filings which can be attracted to the magnetic solenoid causing problems in the long term)
  • Customers should avoid putting dusty materials in the Applicator and avoid using the fine dust that can be found at the bottom of the bag
  • See for 'Common Q&A', (including a general overview of what materials should be avoided) and for 'Important Care Instructions' that we provide as a laminated document to all customers
  • The Applicator can disperse fertilizer very adequately for a 3 gallon pot using an attachment that comes with all Applicators. The attachment is a simple PVC 45 degree elbow bend that will spread the fertilizer out of the nozzle up to an area of about 7 - 10 inches in diameter. The spread can be modulated by how far above the surface of the pot the nozzle is placed. When the pots get even larger, the dose also tends to get larger and this requires more time for the fertilizer to be dispensed. In this circumstance the operator can also have more time to move the nozzle around the circumference of the pot for a more even dispersion.Note that while we do have many customers successfully using the Applicator for large pots, that the time taken to dispense is longer than with smaller pots.
  • Product Features

    • Ready to go out of the box - includes all accessories: battery, charger, storage tube (the hopper for the fertilizer), storage tube wall bracket, and a large funnel for refilling
    • Easy point-and-press trigger. Light pressure touch electronic trigger makes operation easy with semi-automatic and automatic firing for fast and comfortable repetitive application
    • Shot count monitoring allows you to manage resources by tracking job progress and estimating for long reliable life
    • High-impact resistant casings and stainless steel parts designed for a long reliable life

    Product Benefits

    • Electronically controlled dosage is easily adjustable. Allows user to give each type of plant exactly what it needs


    • Manufacturer provides a two year warranty.

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