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Greenworks Pro 80V Li-Ion Cordless 16in String Trimmer with Battery and Charger

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Landscaping has never been easier with Greenworks Pro 80V Max System.

With a range of commercial grade tools for professionals and those who just want more power, this is the highest voltage in the industry. The 16-inch cordless string trimmer features an attachment capable power head for versatile use, compatible with most universal gas attachments.

Lightweight and easier to use, it has a variable speed trigger for power on-demand, 14/16-inch cut path, .080 dual line bump feed and die cast gear box for durability. Designed for heavy duty jobs, it features a brushless motor that delivers the power and performance of a 32cc gas engine.

With an extra battery on hand, you can now rip through weeds in the neighborhood without the hassle of gas or gas maintenance. Multiple battery configuration models available.

This model includes a 2Ah battery and charger. Compatible batteries currently include a 2Ah (model GBA80200) and 4Ah (model GBA80400) battery and rapid charger (model GCH8040). The 2Ah battery charges within 30 minutes so you can get back to work and finish the job. The 4Ah battery charges within 1 hour.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Uses .080 string
  • Approx weight with battery is 20 lbs
Product Features
  • Powered by 80V Li-Ion technology makes this the highest voltage in the industry.
  • Up to 45 minutes of run time with a fully charged 2Ah battery.
  • Attachment capable to the Expand-it & TrimmerPlus line of attachments found in big box retail chains.
  • Includes weed trimmer attachment.
  • DigiPro™ digital controlled brushless motor for 30% more torque and 70% less vibration.
  • 32cc gas equivalent performance.
  • Top mounted motor design for the best ergonomics.
  • Aluminum straight shaft provides full visibility while trimmer.
  • 14-16 inch dual line bump feed.
  • .080 line diameter.
  • Less maintenance, light weight and simple electric start.
  • Rapid charge of 30 minutes for 80V 2Ah battery and 60 minutes for 80V 4Ah battery.
  • Compatible battery and charger models GBA80200, GBA80400 and GCH8040.
Product Benefits
  • Quiet: Stop disturbing your customer's neighbors
  • Quick Start: Stop fighting with cold engines reluctant to start
  • No Fumes: Get rid of that 2-cycle smell
  • Safer: Stop driving around with a half-empty gas can - no 'spill when you fill'
  • No Mixing: stop taking a chance you'll grab the wrong can and ruin your engine
  • Dependable: Fewer moving parts to wear out
  • Help Your Employees: Lighter to use than traditional gas powered equipment
  • Save Money: no spark plug, no fuel filter, no tune-ups, no winterizing
  • Better Than Ni-Cad:
    • Lithium-ion batteries run at 100% power until they stop
    • Up to 50% lighter than Ni-Cad
    • Can be charged up to 3 times more often than a Ni-Cad
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