Account Manager PRO Price Setup

Getting accounts setup with PRO pricing on is simple. See below the steps that you can take to have your customers shopping quickly with their appropriate pricing.

Check out the instructions below!

The following steps need followed for both brand new customers and a new email address added to an existing account. PLEASE NOTE: When you enter an email address into SAGE, it does NOT automatically a new account on The customer will still need to create an account on!

Get Started today by retrieving your PRO Plus password:

  1. Start by making sure that you have their email address in SAGE. This is the email address that they will use to create their account.
  2. Equally important, make certain that you have assigned the customer and "ABC" Pricing level in SAGE. This will control the pricing the see!
  3. Please Note: Once a new email address is added to Sage it will take approximately 1 hour for this information to get to the website.
  4. Direct customer to and have them click Register under the New Customer area.
  5. As customer is filling out contact information, it is crucial that they enter the exact same email address that you entered into Sage under their customer number. This is how we will determine their price level and account rep.
  6. Once they complete registration it will lead them to their new My Account page where they will see your picture and contact information.
  7. They can then begin shopping and enjoying their Pro Plus Pricing!
  8. Once again, until they have created their account, they wont be able to long in!

(FYI) Customer Goes Here to Create their Account