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Moisturize while shielding your skin!

Tired of going home with hands stained from an honest days work? True Effects Hand & Skin Shield Barrier Cream is the "WORLDS MOST SERIOUS SKIN BARRIER CREAM" on the market today. It is non-greasy because it is not petroleum- or wax-based, so it allows your hands to continue to breathe and sweat.

True Effects Hand & Skin Shield Barrier Cream can protect your hands and skin from dirt, grease, grime, and accidental splashes from chemicals used daily at home or at work. Protects from solvents, alkalis, acids, oils, paints, dyes, harsh cleaning products, poison ivy, oak, sumac and more. Even when using gloves to protect hands and skin they can still be exposed to and damaged by harsh chemicals.

True Effects Hand & Skin Shield Barrier Cream helps guard hands and skin against constant exposure to moisture from repeated hand washing, cleaning, and working in wet environments. Furthermore, the need for frequent hand washing and use of hand sanitizers can also damage the skin, causing dry, cracked, and irritated skin. Prolonged exposure to the skin using these harsh cleaners and chemicals can cause long-term skin problems for workers, resulting in lost productivity and even lost work time. Protect your skin every day by using True Effects Hand & Skin Shield Barrier Cream, the "WORLDS MOST SERIOUS SKIN BARRIER CREAM".
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5 Stars

Hand Cream Supreme wrote

Hand & Skin Shield is a product that works to protect your hands in the greenhouse and when doing home improvement projects. Recently I used an enamel masonry paint and a flat masonry paint to apply to the 100 year old stone foundation and concrete floor of my basement. I applied Hand & Skin Cream to my arms and hands as I knew no matter how careful I was paint would spot my arms and hands. After completing the job the paints washed off my arms and hands with warm water. No scrubbing or using special cleansers to get paint off was necessary. The cream's barrier made that possible. I highly recommend this product as it is superior to what I formerly used. Can't wait to use it when I am working in the garden this spring and summer.

5 Stars

This stuff is great! wrote

Let me first start off by saying that I work an unusual job for a female. I work as an oiler, I drive a big fuel and service truck around to construction job sites and fuel and service the heavy equipment on site. My hands get put through the wringer! Between the grease and grime and Oils that my hands come in contact with daily, you can only imagine the amount of washing I have to do, usually with Dawn Dish soap. Since I have started using the Hand and Skin Shield I have noticed a huge difference in my hands staying more moisturized and also, I believe it is helping to take off the grease/oil/grime more quickly resulting in me not having to scrub hard further damaging my hands. It is quick to dry too and doesn't leave any greasy mess. Overall, I am impressed with this product and feel I will use it again and recommend it to my peers in the construction industry.